Choosing the Right Incorporation

Comparing Entities on OtoCo

AspectUnincorporated DAO on OtoCoWyoming LLC on OtoCoDelaware LLC on OtoCoSwiss Association on OtoCo
Speed of FormationInstantInstantInstantInstant
Legal Protection
Series LLC Option
Limited Liability
Onchain Incorporation
Access to PluginsLimited
Local Registered Agent and Office

Features of OtoCo Entities

FeatureWith OtoCoWithout OtoCo
Formation CostUS$49 + gas fees for LLCs, US$99 + gas for Swiss AssociationsFrom hundreds to thousands of dollars and often open-ended, opaque pricing
SpeedInstant (thank you blockchains!)Anywhere from 72hrs to 10 days
Registered AgentProvided by OtoCo for same annual fee as formation feeRequires hiring a registered agent and incurring associated costs
Operating Agreement (required by Law)IncludedRequires hiring and paying a lawyer or service provider
Annual Franchise TaxAutomatically paid on time by OtoCo (cost is on us!)To be paid by each standalone LLC and risks of tax delinquency when delayed
Mailing AddressFree address provided with option to use your own.You will need your own physical address (additional cost)
Proof of ExistenceBlockchain tx hash and unique NFT (optionally Registry-issued Certificate of Formation for LLCs)Publicly filed LLC Certificate of Formation, potentially exposing the name of Member and Manager, or filed Articles for Swiss Association