ENS (Ethereum Name Service)

How to Use the ENS Plugin

ENS (Ethereum Name Service) is a powerful tool that simplifies the way you interact with Ethereum addresses by providing easy-to-remember domain names. Follow these steps to register an ENS subdomain for your OtoCo entity.

  1. Add ENS Plugin: Connect your wallet and navigate to the OtoCo dashboard. From the left menu bar, choose "Plugins." Click on "Add" to open the ENS plugin.

  2. Enter Subdomain Name: Input the desired subdomain name prefix without the domain extension. For example, if you want your subdomain to be "vitalik.otoco.eth," enter "vitalik" in the text field.

  3. Set Wallet Address: Select the wallet address to which the subdomain should point. Whenever someone enters your subdomain on platforms like Etherscan, they will be directed to this specific wallet address.

  4. Verify Name Availability: Click on "Verify Name." If the subdomain name is available, you'll receive a confirmation message: "vitalik.otoco.eth" is available! To register, click on 'Claim Name'."

  5. Claim Name: Click on "Claim Name" to initiate the registration process. Confirm the transaction in your connected wallet (e.g., MetaMask) and pay the required gas fee.

When to Use

Simplified Transactions: ENS subdomains offer a user-friendly way to share your Ethereum address. Instead of sharing complex hexadecimal addresses (e.g., 0x39...s34), you can provide your unique subdomain (e.g., vitalik.otoco.eth).

Streamlined Communication: Easily share your ENS subdomain with others for receiving payments, donations, or contributions, making transactions more intuitive and efficient.

Branding and Identity: Customize your entity's online presence by associating a memorable ENS subdomain with your wallet address. It's a versatile way to enhance your brand's visibility within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Enhanced Accessibility: Simplify the experience for your community or stakeholders by offering an ENS subdomain for your entity's transactions, donations, and interactions.

By leveraging the ENS plugin, you can enhance the accessibility and user experience of your entity's Ethereum transactions, providing a more intuitive and memorable way to interact with your wallet address.