Introducing OtoCo

Blockchain-native companies of, by and for Web3.

Welcome to OtoCo’s documentation pages

These pages are living documents that get updated regularly, starting with OtoCo’s mission statement, and then assisting users in selecting the right jurisdiction and provides a visual step-by-step guide to effortlessly incorporate their ventures. The plugins and integrations section unveils the tools amplifying entity functionalities, while the legal documents repository offers crucial resources. Additionally, we shed light on the general tax implications users might encounter. With these dynamic sections, we ensure that users access a comprehensive, up-to-date, and user-centric resource hub that empowers their web3 entity incorporation journey.

OtoCo’s mission: Blockchain-native companies of, by and for Web3

OtoCo is a community-governed, open-source Web3 platform that lets users form and control legal entities from the comfort of their wallets.

Our smart contracts port legal entities in various jurisdictions onto blockchain to make incorporation instant, funding automated and governance liquid.

Our mission is to turn companies into code, engineering blockchain-native companies that let anybody entrepreneur from anywhere.

In Part V, we provide in-depth reading on OtoCo’s genesis, the pain points we seek to remedy, and the leal engineering behind our smart contract solution.