Overview of Plugins

OtoCo offers a suite of powerful plugins that seamlessly integrate with your entities, unlocking a world of possibilities to optimize and customize your business operations.

Mint Tokens
With the Mint Tokens plugin, you can issue governance tokens or stakeholder tokens for your business. Define ownership rights, voting privileges, and more through blockchain-backed tokens, enhancing transparency and engagement.

Safe Wallets
Instantly launch a Safe multisig wallet to securely store and manage your company's crypto assets. Your Safe wallet can have one or more owners. Your connected wallet is its first owner, but you can add more below.

ENS (Ethereum Name Service)
Instantly claim a unique subdomain name for your company's asset wallets using the ENS plugin. Simplify access to your wallet addresses and enhance brand recognition on the blockchain.

Need to raise funds for your business? The OtoGo plugin allows you to set up a staking-based launchpool. Engage your community and stakeholders to contribute and participate in your project's success.

Sign Documents
Sign important company documents with confidence using the Sign Documents plugin. Your signatures are secured on-chain, providing a tamper-proof and verifiable record of agreements.

Add Members
This plugin simplifies the process of adding new Members (owners) to your entity. By sending them mirror tokens reflecting their ownership percentage, you can efficiently expand your business network.

Each plugin offers unique benefits, helping you tailor your entity's functionality to your specific needs and goals. Explore these plugins to enhance your business processes and unlock the potential of your entity on the blockchain.