Files and Templates

The Files and Templates section in OtoCo provides a convenient repository for essential documents and legal templates associated with your entity. After connecting your wallet and accessing the OtoCo dashboard, follow these steps to explore and utilize this valuable resource:

  1. Connect Your Wallet
    Begin by connecting your wallet to OtoCo's platform.
  1. Access Your Dashboard
    Once connected, access your OtoCo dashboard.

  2. Select Entity
    Within the dashboard, choose the specific entity you intend to manage.

  3. Navigate to Files and Templates
    From the left-hand menu, find and select the Files and Templates section.

Available Documents:

  • Series Operating Agreement for Your LLC: Access the operating agreement tailored specifically for your LLC. This document is crucial for defining the terms, rights, and responsibilities of your entity's members.
  • Master LLC Certificate of Formation: Gain access to the certificate of formation for the master LLC. This would be a link to the registry.
  • Master LLC Operating Agreement: Explore the operating agreement for the master LLC. While this document is managed by OtoCo, it doesn't impact the structure or operations of your individual series LLC.

Legal Templates:

Agreement TypeDescriptionWhen to Use
Independent ContractorFormalize relationships with an entity. Clarify contractor status.Establish contracts
Crypto Asset PledgeAttach personal wallets to your entity. Separate personal and business assets.Secure assets
Certificate of IncumbencyVerify entity roles. Confirm directors, officers, and owners.Confirm organizational roles
Power of AttorneyAuthorize agents for business matters. Delegate decision authority.Delegate decision-making authority

πŸ”” Important Note:

The legal templates provided in the Files and Templates section have been meticulously crafted by professional lawyers in accordance with industry standards. While these templates are designed to cater to a wide range of scenarios, you have the flexibility to modify them as needed. If you wish, you can also seek legal review from your own legal advisors.

✨ Free of Charge:

We are pleased to offer these documents and templates to users entirely free of charge. Our aim is to empower you with the necessary legal tools to effectively manage and operate your entity. Should you have any further inquiries or require assistance, feel free to join our Telegram community for prompt support and guidance.