Mint Tokens

How to Use the Mint Tokens Plugin

Mint Tokens empowers you to create and manage ERC20 tokens directly within your OtoCo entity. Whether you're launching a new token or linking an existing ERC20 token, this plugin simplifies the process and enhances the flexibility of your entity.

Option 1: Launch a New Token

  1. Select Your Entity: After connecting your wallet, navigate to the OtoCo dashboard and select the entity to which you want to add the plugin.

  2. Access the Plugin: From the left menu bar, click on "Plugins." Then, "Add" to open the Mint Tokens plugin.

  3. Input Token Details: In the plugin interface, choose the "Launch New Token" option. Input the desired token name (e.g., Ethereum), token symbol (e.g., ETH in all caps), and the total token quantity (e.g., 1,000,000).

  4. Deploy Token: Click on "Deploy Token" to initiate the token creation process. Confirm the transaction in your connected wallet (e.g., MetaMask) and pay the required gas fee.

  5. Token Deployment: Once confirmed, the token deployment will begin on the blockchain. You'll receive notifications as the process progresses.

Option 2: Link an Existing ERC20 Token

  1. Select Your Entity: Similarly, start by selecting the entity in which you wish to link an existing ERC20 token.

  2. Access the Plugin: Navigate to the "Plugins" section and click on the "+" icon or "Add" to open the Mint Tokens plugin.

  3. Enter Token Address: Choose the "Link Existing Token" option and input the Ethereum address of the existing ERC20 token you want to link to your entity.

  4. Attach Token: Click on "Attach Token" to confirm the linking process. Confirm the transaction in your connected wallet.

  5. Linking Completion: Your existing ERC20 token will now be linked to your entity, providing seamless integration with your OtoCo dashboard.

When to Use

• Tokenized Ownership: Use the Mint Tokens plugin to issue tokens that represent ownership shares of your entity, creating a transparent and auditable way to manage ownership.

• Governance and Utility Tokens: Issue governance or utility tokens for your entity to facilitate voting, rewards, access, and other interactions within your community.

Whether you're launching new tokens for ownership or governance, or linking an existing token, the Mint Tokens plugin streamlines the process and adds a new layer of functionality to your entity, enabling you to engage and transact with stakeholders efficiently.